Maine Coon Kittens for Sale?

Yes, from time to time kittens from these special Maine Coon kitten litters will be offered for sale through our independent catteries, same pricing and written guarantees. SoulShine Maine Coons of North Carolina and Florida Maine Coons located in Florida. We will work closely with each other in the best interest of the kitten while matching it with potential Majestic Souls adopters. Questions or additional information please contact us

Who are Majestic Souls Maine Coons?

Majestic Souls Maine Coon Cattery is a joint venture cattery that is based both in Florida and in North Carolina that sells the highest quality Maine Coon kittens available.

Majestic Souls is a Maine Coon bloodline that is a collaboration of the 40 year old genetically clean MajestiCoon bloodlines and the 20 year old Souls Shine Maine Coon lines outcrossed to each other to produce the healthiest most breed standard Maine Coon kittens in the breeding world, all backed by Ethics and Veterinary Science.

Two well established Maine Coon Kitten Catteries, Florida Maine Coons based in Dunnellon, Florida and SoulShine Maine Coons based in Raleigh, North Carolina have the shared vision to breed as near perfect genetically perfect Maine Coon Kitten as possible with long health guarantees up to and including 10 years in the near future, currently Majestic Souls Maine Coon kittens carry a full 5 year written health guarantee.

Majestic Souls have some of the most genetically sound Male and Female breeders in our cattery, many years of breeding, line breeding and out cross breeding have allowed our gene pool to flourish.

What is our Breeding Vision?

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